Ford Performance teases new Megazilla crate engine

In an era where most automotive manufacturers are moving to smaller displacement engines with turbos to improve performance and fuel efficiency at the same time, it's nice to see that the venerable V-8 engine isn't disappearing. Ford made truck and V-8 fans happy when it unveiled its 7.3-liter V-8 truck engine used in current Super Duty trucks.

That engine carries the nickname Godzilla and can be purchased as a crate engine directly from Ford Performance. Recently, Ford Performance teased a new version of the Godzilla engine with more performance dubbed Megazilla. Since this is a teaser, Ford offers no real insights into the engine as far as power and torque.

Word of the engine surfaced in the video from Performance Racing Industry last month, with Ford Performance's Mike Goodwin narrating the video. While exact specifications of the engine are a mystery, many hope that the performance version will ditch the heavy cast iron block in favor of an aluminum block.

It's already known that this engine will fit under the hood of all manner of performance vehicles, including the iconic Fox-body Mustang. Another likely possibility for improved performance in the engine is the addition of a supercharger. While Ford relies on turbos for its production truck engines, it uses a supercharger on the Mustang GT500 V-8.

We can't wait to hear what Ford is cooking up with the Megazilla engine. Another bit of good news has surfaced with word that Ford Performance is also working on a version of the Godzilla V-8 control pack that will work with the manual transmission. Right now, that engine only works with an automatic transmission. The Godzilla crate engine is surprisingly cheap at $8150, not counting the control pack. We expect the Megazilla to cost significantly more, particularly if it's supercharged.