Ford Performance teases 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition

The Ford GT is one of the most rare and valuable American supercars ever produced. There are a few even more limited versions of the Ford GT in the mix, including the Heritage Edition models that wear liveries meant to pay homage to successful racing cars in Ford's past. One of the coolest Heritage Edition cars were the iconic blue and orange Gulf racing livery.Ford Performance is teasing the unveil of the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition, giving the first glimpse, albeit brief, at the car. The image seen here is taken from the teaser video and shows a mostly white livery with what appeared to be black wheels and red and black graphics with the number 98 on the door. The livery is meant to honor the number 98 Ford GT 40 Mk II that won the inaugural 24 Hours of Daytona in 1966, driven by racing legend Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby.

The official unveil of the 2021 Heritage Edition will come Sunday night as part of the kickoff events for the Peterson Automotive Museum Car Week. The only verbiage that Ford Performance offers is that the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition is coming soon. Past Heritage Edition cars include the 2017 version with a black and silver livery honoring the GT 40 Mark II driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at Le Mans in 1966.

The 2018 Heritage Edition wore a livery that honored the top placing Ford GT40 Mark IV at LeMans in '67. In 2019, the Heritage Edition was the Gulf Livery car honoring the 1968 Ford LeMans victory. Several Ford GT cars have passed their two-year period for the original owners are barred from selling the cars and have turned up at various auctions selling for much more than the original purchase price.