Ford Performance carbon fiber accessories for the Shelby GT500 debut

One of the most desirable cars that Ford has ever produced is the 2020 and up Mustang Shelby GT500. One of the most desirable option packages for that car was the carbon fiber track pack, which was limited and very hard to find. Fans of the new GT500 who could get the car but couldn't get the carbon fiber track pack can add some officially sanctioned Ford Performance carbon fiber accessories to their ride.Ford says all the components are easy to install and made from real exposed weave carbon fiber. The components include the following:

  • Hood vent and rain tray kit, M-16612-C20, $1,185
  • Front splitter with belly pan for placement at car's lower, forward-leading edge and under section, M-16601-MCF, $1,820
  • Front bumper insert that fits between car's upper and lower grille intakes, M-17750-MCF, $1,150
  • Rear decklid trim panel, M-16600-MCF, $575
  • Each of the carbon fiber components is designed for high strength and rigidity with low weight. All of the accessories are also designed specifically to survive the high-energy resulting from competition at the racetrack or dragstrip. Some of the components also shave weight from the car. One example is the carbon fiber hood vent and rain tray kit that weighs only four pounds, half the weight of the stock part.

    The carbon fiber front splitter with belly pan sheds three pounds from the car weighing in at four pounds complete. The other carbon fiber components are lightweight, adding minimal additional heft to the GT500. All the components are available to order from Ford Performance right now.