Ford noise-cancelling doghouse blocks loud fireworks

Ford Europe has put its automotive technology to use solving a big problem that many dog owners face: fireworks. These events are popular and often happen at least once a year, depending on one's location, offering entertainment but also terrifying local dogs confused by the noise. With Ford's new doghouse, these pets have a safe place to retreat away from the noise.

Around half of dogs exhibit signs of fear when exposed to firework noises, which they recognize as unnatural and may perceive as a threat. Pet owners have different methods for dealing with this fear, including everything from ear protection to isolating the pet in a basement where the noise is muffled.

Ford has a classier, more effective solution in the form of its own doghouse. The creation feature the automaker's noise-cancelling technology used for vehicles repurposed as a firework-eradicating interior for the pet domicile. The doghouse has a modern, angular design and cool, welcoming interior lights, as well as an automatic door.

Ford says its doghouse is merely a prototype at this point, and it doesn't state any plans to bring the product to market. The prototype is an interesting display of the technology, however, and may serve as the foundation for other companies to launch their own similar commercial kennels.

It's conceivable that the noise-cancelling technology could be expanded to deal with other noises that may distress pets, such as thunder. Ford refers to the prototype as the first in a series of "Interventions" — devices created with the company's automotive technology to solve problems faced during everyday life.