Ford Mustang Mach-E looks good done up as a British police car

Some of the most strict emission standards in the entire world are in European countries. Some cities are looking to ban internal combustion engine vehicles from entering certain parts of the downtown area. Some countries are also looking to ban combustion vehicles completely in the future. Looking towards a time when electric vehicles will be used as police cars, Ford UK has shown off a Mach-E EV that is done up like a British police car.

It's complete with the orange and yellow high visibility stripes on the rear and blue and yellow squares on both sides of the car. The Mach-E would make a good police cruiser for tasks that aren't likely to involve high-speed pursuits, such as writing tickets and transporting officers to and from court and other locations. The concept shows that Ford is looking to offer the Mach-E as a police car.

It's rated for 211 miles of driving per charge. In case you were wondering, all the lights, sirens, and extra equipment inside the vehicle required for police use don't run off the vehicle's battery packs. Rather, Ford integrates a conventional 12V battery to run those accessories. That should mean all the flashing lights don't reduce the driving range.

All of the emergency lights are also special low-draw LEDs. Ford fully intends to offer the Mach-E as an option to police departments, more specifically, the versions with the larger battery packs. Departments will be able to choose both rear and all-wheel-drive versions.

In cold-weather areas, the all-wheel-drive version would certainly be more popular. The conversion of this concept was done by a company called Safeguard SVP, which specializes in converting cars for police use.