Ford has a new surveillance system to monitor police cars

Methods to monitor law enforcement are in demand, and we've been seeing different related technologies that meet this need appear increasingly. One example is the Yardarm sensor that monitors firearm usage, shuttling the data off to a cloud platform where it can be accessed by dispatchers and investigators if needed. Ford is working on its own surveillance system, this one being designed to provide real-time information on the driving actions of any particular police cruiser in which it is equipped.

The idea behind the system that while there are some forms of technology used to help offer data on vehicle usage, nothing is currently available that provides any expansive and detailed metrics on what goes on behind the wheel of a police cruiser. Things like speeding and not wearing seat belts will often go unnoticed, though they both violate policies in many departments.

The system made by Ford and Telogis addresses this by offering real-time data on a variety of driving habits and details, including things as specific as the brake and accelerator pedals' positions, how fast the car is traveling, and if seat belts are being worn. In addition, it provides details that would aid in training and investigating crashes, such as times traction and stability controls were engaged, antilock brake use, and more.

Interestingly enough, police administrators will be able to access so-called scorecards for each cruiser in which the system is installed, giving a large picture of how the car was used and how it functioned in certain conditions. This information will hopefully lead to less traffic-related fatalities and improve overall safety.

SOURCE: Autoblog