Yardarm Sensor brings real-time tracking to police firearms

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 24, 2014, 10:42pm CDT
Yardarm Sensor brings real-time tracking to police firearms

Connected technology largely focuses on the average consumer, being used with devices that monitor homes, keep track of kids, locate lost pets, wake us up and lull us to sleep. Some companies are looking outside of those typical realms into other areas that can benefit from the technology, however, and among them is law enforcement and its related entities. One startup in particular called Yardarm has developed a sensor that will bring real-time monitoring to police firearms, offering up information on things like when a gun was drawn and which way it was pointing.

The Yardarm Sensor is a small device that can be added to a police officer’s firearm, offering a unique type of monitoring technology that differs from the oft-recommended inclusion of a camera. Specific details on the firearm’s usage is tracked in real-time and shuttled off to a cloud service, including when a gun was drawn and fired, where it was pointing when fired, and where it is located if not in the holster.


The small sensor, according to the company’s website, uses GSM to connect to the complementary Yardarm Cloud, where the data can then be shuttled off to real-time crime centers and computer-aided dispatchers, among others.

The device is currently being tested by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s department, and it could prove to be a valuable tool to law enforcement. The data can be used in prosecution cases, and also to help flesh out the details on incidents that would otherwise be difficult to discern during an investigation.

VIA: Engadget

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