Ford GT to use Gorilla Glass Hybrid Windshield

Ford and Corning have announced that they have teamed to bring an interesting new windshield to the Ford GT supercar. The car will be the first to use a Corning Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield to save weight and improve damage resistance. Ford claims that the weight saved with the special windshield positively improves acceleration, fuel economy, and braking thanks to saving over 12 pounds compared to a normal windshield.

The Gorilla Glass Hybrid windshield has a three-layer hybrid design that has Gorilla Glass for automotive, thermoplastic, and annealed glass layers. The windshield is thinner than traditional laminated glass and helps handling of the GT by lowering the vehicle center of gravity.

Ford says that it first approached Corning in 2007 to explore the use of Gorilla Glass for automotive applications. Ford tried different glass variations before the current windshield was made with the right mix of weight and durability.

Ford says that the hybrid windshield design was tested in rough road conditions, projectile impacts, roll over, and wind tunnel testing. A unique glass combination is also being used as the bulkhead panel between the passenger cell and engine bay and for the engine cover.