Ford GT 1:3-scale Lego model unveiled for Le Mans

To celebrate its return to Le Mans, as well as the racing debut of the incredible Ford GT super car, Ford commissioned a 1:3-scale model of its new flagship made completely out of Lego. The project was handled by master Lego modeler Pascal Lenhard, and took about three weeks of work. But the Lego expert not only recreated the modern Ford GT, he also build a model of the Ford GT40 Mk2 p/1046, which won Le Mans back in 1966.

The pair of models will be on display at the Le Mans event this weekend in France, in honor of the 50 years since Ford last participated.

As he reveals in the video below, Lenhard used computer software to generate a blue print for the GT model. While he managed to free-hand the wheels, he says the most difficult part to accurately replicate are the logos and graphics that make up the racing livery.

In the end, the model of the new Ford GT weighs about 66 pounds and is made up of roughly 40,000 Lego pieces. And it looks absolutely gorgeous, replicating all the car's angles and lines. "The form of the car is very strange but very exciting," says Lenhard. "It's a very aggressive look."