Ford goes multimedia with Fiesta customer delivery

I am a big car fan, though I freely admit to being quite partial to performance cars. I can see that there is a place in the line for non-performance vehicles. For instance, my wife has a SUV that she drives like a maniac. Riding with her is all the excitement I really need for the week and the reason she is banned from driving my car.Ford has an interesting new small car coming called the Fiesta that gets good gas mileage and is downright cheap in some trims. The Fiesta is set to land soon and Ford is talking up its new delivery program for buyers that lean heavily on multimedia. The car comes with a flash drive that the owner plugs into their computer at home.

Once connected the software on the flash drive downloads apps for the Fiesta Community like Fiestapedia, Photoshop, Online Community, Dealer Store, Podcasts, Fiesta news, and Ford Connections. The Photoshop app isn't the Photoshop program most geeks will immediately think of. This is something Ford cooked up to let the owner grab a pic that will be taken of their car at the time of delivery and then put it into various backgrounds. The little car is surprisingly attractive for something so cheap. If you think the Fiesta is not that good looking, just look at the other cheap cars on the market. I'm looking at you Nissan Cube.