Ford Focus recalled over wiper problems

There is an insane number of intricacies when it comes to building a car. Even something as seemingly innocuous as the windshield wipers need to be assembled perfectly or there could be reasons for concern. Case in point – the latest automobile recall that targets more than 140,000 Ford Focus cars on the market. It's a problem that lasted for more than a year before Ford realized it and fixed it.

Between August 1, 2010 and October 18, 2011, all Ford Focuses did not include a seal in the wiring for the windshield wiper motor. What that means is that if water gets inside, it can cause the wires to short, effectively ruining the wipers. This is obviously a problem because the only time a driver would notice wiper problems is while it's raining or snowing, and at that point there are definite safety concerns.

Anyone who purchased a Ford Focus that was built in the above specified dates will be able to take it into any Ford dealer and have the issue fixed for free, regardless of whether or not their blades have actually stopped working. The automaker said it expects to begin the repair process in later May. Ford is advising owners with any questions to call 866-436-7332.