Ford F-150 Rocket League pickup on display in Chicago and lots more

Ford is at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show and has some very cool exhibits for visitors to check out. One of the coolest of the exhibits is a real-life version of the F-150 Rocket League pickup. The truck is a real-world version of the vehicle used in the videogame. A truck come alive from a game isn't all the automaker is showing off in Chicago.

Ford is also showing off the F-150 Lightning with its official public reveal happening at the show. Ford reminds that the Lightning has the most torque ever offered in an F-150 pickup and that the truck will be available in the spring of 2022. The truck can be fitted with Onboard Intelligent Back-Up Power providing up to three days of power during an outage for vehicles fitted with the extended range battery.

One of the more exciting vehicles that Ford has revealed is the new Maverick compact pickup. The truck will be available in the fall of 2021 and made its public debut in Chicago. We've talked about the Maverick extensively. It's the first full-hybrid standard pickup in America and targets an EPA estimated city fuel economy of 40 MPG. The most impressive fact about the truck is that it starts at under $20,000.

Perhaps the coolest exhibit Ford has in Chicago is the Built Wild Bronco mountain experience. Ford has constructed a 30,000 square-foot Built Wild experience that will allow the public to come out and learn about the capabilities of the new Bronco. The Bronco will drive along with a metal track system that looks something like a roller coaster giving an idea of how the vehicle will perform in the wild. On display will be the Bronco two-door and four-door as well as the Bronco Sport.