Ford expanding Cleveland plant to meet growing demand

It is no secret the auto industry has suffered for years, but things are starting to lean towards the upswing, with Ford announcing that it will be expanding its plant in Cleveland, Ohio. This move comes in response to growing demand, and will allow the company to focus on creating more SUVs and efficient cars. Expanding the plant not only shows good things for Ford, but also brings with it the creation of 450 new jobs.

The announcement was made earlier today, during which the manufacturer said that it will be investing $200 million in the expansion project. The plant in Cleveland produces engines, specifically the turbo-charged small engines used by many of its most favored models. Reports the New York Times, the company will "centralize" its EcoBoost (2L) engine at the plant by the end of 2014.

This comes admist an overall positive outlook on the future of auto sales, with estimates putting them in the range of 15 million this year, a fairly hefty rise above the quarter-century low seen in 2009. Part of the reason manufacturers are seeing an increase in auto sales is the demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles as gas prices rise and many look into ditching their older, larger cars.

Ford isn't the only one boosting its plants, however, with General Motors, which leads the pack, announcing earlier this year that it'll put $600 million into its Kansas City assembly plant. Things are also looking up for Jeep, with Chrysler having announced that an extra shift of workers will be hired for its Detroit Jeep plant.

[via New York Times]