Ford Electric Vehicles Travel 30 Million All Electric Miles

Ford, like many other automakers in the US and around the world, is currently pushing electric vehicles and hybrids heavily. Ford has announced that customers behind the wheel of its electric vehicles have reached an impressive milestone. Ford says that its customers have now racked up 30 million driving miles powered by electricity.

Ford says that that 30 million all electric driving miles has prevented more than 1.2 million kilograms of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Ford has a number of electric vehicles, including the Fusion Energi that we were able to drive back in early July. Ford also has the all-electric 2014 Focus Electric, which received a 10% down price reduction to an MSRP of $35,200 for this model year.

Ford has been discounting its electric vehicles in an effort to make them more attractive to consumers. Ford also announced something else that's very interesting for its own employees who drive electric vehicles. The automaker has launched a new workplace charging network allowing more of its workers to perform their daily commutes on electricity.

Ford's new workplace EV chargers are networked together allowing the automaker to gather information on electric vehicle use. The network's charging stations can do things such as record the number of hours vehicles are charging and the amount of CO2 saved. Ford says it has 1700 charging stations at dealerships and company facilities in North America. The new workplace chargers add approximately 200 more to that number.