Ford crams track apps into all 2013 Mustangs and adds 550W stereo option

I already mentioned this morning that the 2013 Boss 302 has debuted in LA today. Along with that Boss 302 also comes the debut of the new GT500 for 13 and some new tweaks to the overall Mustang lineup. One of the most interesting tweaks to the overall line of Mustangs for 2013 is the addition of a new gauge cluster that has a 4.2-inch LCD in the center of the gauges that has Track Apps.

The apps that show on the LCD allow the driver to get times on the track for things like quarter mile performance, eight-mile performance, and 0-100 times along with 0-60 times as well. The apps also have a feature for showing the g-forces the car is pulling on the track under turning, acceleration, and braking.

There is also a brake performance screen that records stopping distances. These will be great for Mustang owners that like to tweak their car to see if they get improved performance out of their rides with changes. Ford has also added a new audio system option to the mix for most mustang models. A new Shaker Pro system is available that has 550W of power.