Ford Co-Pilot 360 aims to keep the masses safer behind the wheel

Ford has announced Co-Pilot 360 and claims that the new suite of safety systems for passenger cars and trucks is the most advanced system out there. Ford plans to roll out Co-Pilot 360 in key global markets starting this fall. The stated goal of the system is to help customers drive more safely and confidently in congesting and amid growing distractions behind the wheel.

Ford says that its Co-Pilot 360 system is the most advanced among full-line brands. The system rolls in automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot information system, lane keeping system, rear backup camera, and automatic high beam headlights. The system will roll out on new Ford cars, SUVs, and trucks including the F-150, 2019 Edge and Edge ST this fall.

The standard automatic emergency braking system is designed to help drivers avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians that might accidentally cross in front of the vehicle path. Ford says that tech will be standard on 91% of Ford vehicles in North America by 2020. The blind spot system warns of traffic in blind spots with a light on the side mirror.

Cross-traffic alert warns of traffic behind the car when the driver backs out of a parking spot or driveway. Lane keeping has three functions. It can notify drivers straying out of their lane with vibration via the steering wheel. It can also provide steering torque to steer back into the center of the lane. It also monitors driving pattern and will deliver audio warnings if it detects an inattentive driver.

The auto high beam headlights will turn high beams on and off to allow drivers to see better at night without running the risk of blinding oncoming traffic. Ford says that it will add new tech to the Co-Pilot 360 package in the future.