Ford builds the one millionth Mustang

Of all the automobiles that Ford builds, one of the most iconic is the Mustang. This week the Ford Mustang celebrated its 49th birthday and on Wednesday the one millionth Mustang rolled off the assembly line. If you're curious, that millionth Mustang appears to be a convertible ruby red GT with the Track Pack designed for high-performance driving.

The one millionth Mustang was constructed Wednesday at Ford's Flat Rock. The same plant will also build the Fusion beginning in late August. The Ford Mustang was first introduced as a 1964 1/2 model 49 years ago. Mustangs have been produced in Flat Rock since 2004. Before assembly began at the Flat Rock plant, America's first pony car was built at the Rouge plant in Dearborn.

While the one millionth Mustang is a significant milestone for Ford, the automaker and fans of the Mustang are really looking forward to next year. To celebrate the 50th birthday of the quintessential American pony car, Ford will be rolling out a completely new Mustang. When that new Mustang will launch remains unclear.

The Ford Mustang is the only American pony car that's been in continuous production. Competing products such as the Camaro, Challenger, and Charger have all been discontinued at one point or another. The plant manufactures the Mustang, will begin manufacturing the Fusion, and has the flexibility to build up to six models. Ford says that the plant output will be adjusted to produce a mix of Mustangs and fusions depending on customer demand.

[via USA Today]