Ford announces European partnerships for Mach-E charging infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges of anyone new to the electric vehicle market is charging infrastructure. Those who don't have a charging system at home or at work have to go out of their way and spend hours recharging their vehicles. Ford aims to make the ownership experience for the Mustang Mach-E as easy as possible for European customers.The automaker announced partnerships for Ford Connected Wall box installation services, with six companies covering 14 markets across Europe. The goal is to deliver simple, cost-effective charging solutions for the home. Ford points out that the Mach-E will come standard with cables required to support drivers wherever they may journey. That means they will have the cables to charge the vehicle from public charging stations, such as the FordPass Charging Network and IONITY fast-charging network.

Ford will offer all plug-in hybrid and EV buyers and optional Ford Connected Wallbox to make charging at home faster and more convenient. Alpiq will install chargers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. In the UK and Ireland, Centrica will handle installation services. DEFA will support Norway and Sweden with Eneco handling installation services in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. ETRA will install the Chargers in Spain and Portugal while Zeborne supports France.

The Ford wall chargers are available in 7.4 kW able to charge the battery from 10 percent to 80 percent in approximately eight hours, or 10 hours with the extended-range battery. The 11 kW versions can charge the Mach-E from 10 percent to 80 percent in approximately six hours or seven hours for the extended-range battery.

The Ford Connected Wallbox can be remotely monitored and controlled from a smartphone app. Both wallboxes are weather-proofed and support outdoor installation and have an integrated 7.5-meter cable. Ford provides customers two charging cables and adapters to support charging systems in the home market and when traveling.

The Mach-E will offer three drive modes able to take advantage of the all-electric driving experience. The three modes include Whisper, Active, and Untamed. Active mode balances the quiet nature of electric vehicles with Mustang performance. Ford says that mode is ideal for everyday driving. Untamed mode sharpens steering, enhances throttle response, and gives the driver the feel of downshifting on deceleration.

According to Ford, Whisper mode is the most relaxing way to drive the vehicle, with lighter steering controls, gentler acceleration response, and the quietest ambiance in the cockpit. That mode optimizes Brake Traction Control to maintain grip on wet and slippery services. Both Active mode and Whisper mode have a Low Gear function that gives more control of vehicle speed without overusing the brakes for steep downward inclines or towing. The vehicle also features 1 Pedal Drive capability in each of the modes where both acceleration and deceleration are controlled through the throttle pedal.