Ford and Microsoft brag on Focus Electric technology

Ford and Microsoft are teaming up to brag on the technologies inside the Focus Electric EV at the Future in Review Conference. The car will be hitting dealer showrooms soon. The Focus Electric is an electric car from Ford Motor Company and packed inside the vehicle is a lot of Microsoft technology, including Ford's Sync technology. There's more tech packed inside the vehicle then voice-activated Bluetooth alone.

Some of the tech inside the car is focused on allowing the car to charge much quicker than other electric vehicles on the market. Ford says that the Focus Electric is capable charging completely in half the time of the competing Nissan Leaf. That faster charging capability is due to the higher capacity onboard charger for the Focus EV. At the same time, the Focus Electric charges more quickly than the Leaf; it also costs less to charge.

The car uses Microsoft's value charging technology, which is one of the big benefits of the MyFord Mobile app. The app allows the vehicle owner to charge the batteries inside the car at off-peak hours when electricity rates are cheaper. The app also allows the user to monitor the vehicle's battery charge, the current range, locate charging stations, and plan driving routes. Ford plans to have the Focus Electric available in 19 US markets by the end of the summer.