Ford adds alternatives to texting while driving to Sync system in new cars

With states all across the country seeking to pass bans on texting and driving and many states already having bans in effect Ford is adding new features to Sync to give drivers alternatives to texting. The new features include a Do Not Disturb button, Bluetooth MAP support, and improved Blackberry support.

Ford has added a new Do not Disturb button that lets the driver lock out capabilities of their phone when driving. Ford has also improved the Sync text message read back feature with new Message Access Profiles (MAP) for all MyFord Touch-equipped vehicles.

Ford has also announced that RIM plans to adopt MAP to enable Sync text messaging read back on all of its smartphones. The adoption of MAP by Ford will allow more phones to work with the Sync text read back feature. This is a feature that the iPhone doesn't support. The Do Not Disturb button is a new feature that will only be offered starting on 2011 Ford vehicles. The feature will block incoming calls and texts but allow the driver to make outgoing calls.