Food Finish turns your food an edible chrome

Is that chicken dipped in gold? No, but it sure looks like it is, and because it was sprayed that way with what The Deli Garage calls Food Finish, it's completely safe to eat, too. Ever wanted the Midas touch, and not just with your household appliances, with all of your tasty treats as well? That time has come, ladies and gentlemen, and although you can't quite buy this spray here in the USA yet due to some sort of shipping regulations, you can sit in wait while the spray gains popularity internationally.

This spray is amazing, comes in several lovely colors, and is both without odor and without taste. Food Finish is what it's called, and it was developed by a group called The Deli Garage in collaboration with a small food factory that generally specializes in high-quality fine pastries with otherwise also-odd food colorings. And before you ask – yes, more than likely if you spray this stuff on a wall, it'll wash off if you lick it. But don't quote me on that. The Snozberries taste like Snozberries.

Right this minute there are four colors, each of them sort of chrome-like, red and blue, then the obvious gold and silver. Right this minute you can pick up a single can for approximately $34 USD plus whatever shipping ends up being. Of course, again, they're only available in parts of Europe, and again, you can't get them shipped to the USA. Also I've been told by a close associate of mine that we don't know everything there is to know yet about regular food coloring and dyes, so I wouldn't truly recommend using these sprays without taking them to the science labs first.

[via TrendLand]