Foldio360 is a turntable for interactive photos

Chris Burns - Feb 3, 2016, 10:40 am CST
Foldio360 is a turntable for interactive photos

This week we’ve come across a strange device by the name of Foldio360 – a turntable with a light that’s made for taking photos of tiny objects. What’s radical about this device isn’t that it, regardless of its name, does not play vinyl records. What’s radical about it is its intended use: taking not just photos, but 360-degree images (moving images, that is) for the internet. There’d be far less use for this device in the past, that’s for certain.

The innards of this device are relatively simple. You’ll find a step angle motor, a “HALO EDGE” light system, and two forms of wireless connectivity. Both an IR sensor (infra-red) and Bluetooth 4.0 will be available to the user to control the turning of the turntable.

Above you’ll see the Foldio360 in action. Note that this is a pre-production unit, while the final version may look a bit different. We shall see.

For an example of how a Foldio360 360-degree photo will function on what the Foldio crew describe as “almost every professional website”: Example hosted on Amazon.


At this time the Foldio360 is part of a Kickstarter campaign in which users are able to pick up a device (back a device, that is) for around $89 USD. There are also packages users can back that include the Foldio 15″, a fold-up photo studio box.

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