Folding Door Guard - means you can fly back home with the dignity of clothing

If you travel a lot, especially internationally, you probably already know that burglars in other countries are either more abundant, or more ingenious, so staying in a hotel, regardless of the number of locks on the door, can be risky business. Well, the Folding Door Guard aims to address this issue in a portable manner.

This little device extends out, grips on the floor at the bottom, and forks itself around the door knob to make sure that door doesn't move. However, if someone is capable of moving, or worse yet, breaking the tube-steel gadget then hopefully the 120 decibel motion sensor alarm would deter them or at least make them reconsider.

It costs $30, and depending on what you travel with, and where you travel, might be worth it. It's a cheap and effective way to make sure no one breaks into your room and rapes your fields and pillages your women.

[via ohgizmo]