Fogo smart flashlight integrates GPS, Bluetooth

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 25, 2015, 3:50 am CST
Fogo smart flashlight integrates GPS, Bluetooth

Technology makes the most convenient gadgets a little better, and the Fogo flashlight is one example of this. Fogo is a relatively small and ordinary-looking flashlight, but it packs some tech into it that makes being in the great outdoors a little easier and a little more safe. Chief among Fogo’s features is the integrated GPS, which works alongside a small display to help users navigate without the aid of a smartphone or dedicated GPS device, and Bluetooth for connecting to a different device.

Fogo is an LED flashlight, and that is its primary purpose. It is shaped like a cylinder and has a 1000 lumen output, as well as a feature for blinking that makes the user easier to spot. That’s the least of its features, however. There’s 128MB of integrated flash storage and a backlit LCD display, as well as an ambient light sensor, magnetometer, and an unspecified “app based OS”.

Joining the sensors is an accelerometer and a so-called “bicycle computer”, which serves as an odometer and keeps tabs on elevation and speed. The SmartCap, meanwhile, features USB, UART, and the 5 volt power port. The battery can be replaced while outdoors, and is rechargeable. If it’s not being used as a light, Fogo doubles as a backup battery for USB devices.

The features don’t end there, however. There’s also a digital walkie talkie feature, the ability to both receive and send texts, voice messaging, “Voice Communications”, some of which being accomplished via an integrated speaker and microphone. Other features include one that monitors for crashes/falls and alerts others, adaptive lighting, power management, emergency beacon functionality, and more.

Funding is being sought via Kickstarter.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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