Focal Sphear Wireless premium earbuds offer two listening modes

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 14, 2019, 8:40 pm CST
Focal Sphear Wireless premium earbuds offer two listening modes

Focal has unveiled a wireless version of its Sphear premium earbuds, the Sphear Wireless. This new model targets discerning on-the-go audiophiles, promising ‘excellent tonal balance’ alongside overall precise audio and ‘explosive’ bass. The earbuds offer a variety of features, including two different listening modes that accommodate various ambient environments.

The Focal Sphear Wireless enables users to switch between two different listening modes, one that presents audio in its original form, and another called “Loudness” that adjusts the audio when the user is in a noisy location. Toggling between the two modes is manually performed using the in-line remote control.

In addition to its listening modes, the Sphear Wireless boasts powerful bass, but one described as ‘controlled’ and realistic. A sandwich diaphragm driver provides a strong tonal balance with careful handling of treble, the overall result being true-to-life, dynamic audio quality.

In addition to the attention to audio quality, Focal designed the Sphear Wireless to be both visually appealing and comfortable. Buyers get memory foam and silicone ear tip options for different preferences and needs. The earbuds feature a spherical design that Focal claims can provide comfort over long periods of time.

The company is offering its new Sphear model in four different color options: blue, olive, purple, and black. Unlike some competing brands, Focal elected to use softer shades, providing a noticeable but modest saturation level. Focal is selling the earbuds through its US website and on Amazon now for $129 USD.

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