Fly Delta in Luxurious Lie-Flat Seats

Delta Airlines will be the first U.S. carrier to announce true lie-flat seats for its international BusinessElite class. The reclining seat transforms into a 6-foot-3-inch bed with a privacy screen. There will be on-demand digital video and audio, pull-out meal table, fold-out video monitor, integrated footrest, and personal stowage compartment. Delta's luxurious setup will launch in early 2008 when two new Boeing 777 aircrafts will join their fleet. The upgrade also includes new celebrity-chef-meals and award-winning wines to suit.

As if the business class had it so bad before. When's the economy class going to get just a tad bit more leg room? At least give the folks back there enough room to reach down for their stowed items without having to smoosh their face against the reclined seat in front of them.

Delta to offer lie-flat seats [Via: Luxist]