Flux Capacitor, now all you need to do is get your hands on a De Lorean

James Allan Brady - Dec 5, 2007

Sadly it’s just a replica and won’t help you get back to the day you were conceived so you can slap your dad on the ass as he’s going at it and then laugh maniacally. But it does look cool, and if you do happen to have the good fortune of owning a DMC-12, it would be a very fitting accessory to add to your vehicle.

It lights up, and has various power settings, but that’s about the extent of it. It has a matching box that it comes in with a numbered CoA as well.

Buying one and putting it on a shelf? Lame. Buying one and then giving it to someone who owns a De Lorean? Epic. It appears to have similar power connections to that of a car amp, so it’s probably powered in much the same way as well. It will cost you $220 for the pleasure of owning one of these, kind of pricey, but it’s still cool.

A replica of the thing that makes time travel possible? Great Scott! [via shinyshiny]

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