FLOW Water-Jet Cutting System

We don't normally cover industrial hardware on SlashGear, but with laser-guided water-jet cutting systems in the headlines so much lately FLOW's 6-axis robotic waterjet cutting system seemed too good to pass up.  On show at the Fabtech International & AWS Welding show 2008 in Las Vegas (my invitation to which must have got lost in the mail), it boasts full 3D cutting functionality.

Whereas normal waterjet cutting systems require a bulky gantry, the fact that the FLOW 6-axis system is mounted on a big, impressive robot arm means it has far more flexibility and can do more precision work.  Accuracy is rated as "mid-range", which I guess means you wouldn't want it performing eye-surgery on you.

I'm really hoping that Apple have been secretly establishing their own waterjet facility.  The thought of a dozen arms like this, whirling around and scything sparkly MacBook cases from chunks of solid aluminum fills me with glee.