Flow Hive makes it easy to get honey from beehives

Many people around the world gather honey from their own beehives. The process of gathering the honey normally requires lots of effort and stress on the gatherer and the bees. A new type of honey gathering system has debuted that makes gathering the honey much better for all involved and it is called Flow Hive.

The Flow Hive allows the keeper to harvest honey from a hive without having to open the hive and with minimum disturbance to the bees. All the keeper has to do is walk up to the hive and turn the tap to let the honey flow out. The design of the system allows keepers to see into the hive and harvest the honey when it's ready.

According to the people behind the Flow Hive Indiegogo project, keepers don't even need to suit up or mess with a smoke machine any more to harvest. The project is on Indiegogo right now and was seeking $70,000 to come to market.

Backers of the project have now pledged over $1.6 million to the project. A flow Full kit can be purchased with a pledge of $350 including all the keeper needs to fit a system into a Langstroth 8 frame super.

SOURCE: Indiegogo