Florida set to get its first cupcake ATM

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 26, 2016
Florida set to get its first cupcake ATM

People that know me well know that there is only one thing I like in the world more than cake. And that’s a cupcake. After all, you don’t have to mess with knives, forks, or even a plate with a cupcake. You just peel that wrapper off and stuff it in your face. I suppose you could do the same with regular cake, but that’s a far more messy affair. Well one company wants to make sure that you have easy access to this portable treat, without having to make them yourself, or finding an open bakery.

Sprinkles Cupcakes may be my favorite cupcake place, despite the fact that I’ve never visited any of their bakeries. What makes me love them so much is their idea of a cupcake ATM. Yes, it’s exactly what you think, and it’s brilliant.

The company has actually already put their genius cupcake ATMs in several major US cities. They’re getting ready to open their first one in Tampa, Florida. They’ll also be opening a full bakery in the same location, as well. If you pick up a cupcake in the store, it will run you $3.75, while getting one fresh from the ATM outside will cost $4.25. $.50 is a small price to pay for convenience, and not having to speak to anyone before getting your tasty treat.

The cupcake ATM works much the same way any other vending machine does. Make a selection using the touchscreren, swipe your card, and wait as it is delivered to you. The company re-stocks the selection several times throughout the day, to make sure that fresh treats are always delivered.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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