Florafil covers your cables with weird

I will admit that cables are ugly; they are even uglier when I install something because I just don't care what the cables running on and behind my desk look like. If you are the sort that gets a panic attack each time you see a cable showing you might want the Florafil to hide them. These are covers that you can put over just about any cable.

They were designs by Tania da Cruz and are concept devices at this point. The part that hides the cable is a half-round section with green branches and leaf shapes running off it. The cool part is that there are different shaped sections so you can create your own wall-mounted wire hiding tree with curves and such.

There are sections that split off as well for hiding cables that run two directions. These things remind me of corn stalks for some reason. The Florafil covers are made from rubber. These are pretty cool, but I think that a green tree on your wall is about as bad as the cables. Since this is a concept product, there is no pricing information.

[via Technabob]