Flood prevention for your bathroom

A product for those of us who are just a bit absent minded. The new starfish bath alert actually beeps to let you know when your bathtub is full. It has little suction cups on the back so you can attach it to your tub. Once the water reaches the bottom of the star it beeps to let you know. It also has a digital thermometer so that you know the water is hot before you get in and scald the skin off your feet.

I have one particular absent minded relative that will definitely be getting one of these for his birthday (he flooded the entire upstairs of his house). Keep in mind, this product beeps, it doesn't turn off the water for you; so no walking the dog while the tub is filling up. This cutie is fairly inexpensive at around twenty dollars.

Keep your tub flood free with the Starfish Bath Alert [via shiny shiny]