Flirting with disaster

If you enjoy reading about information regarding the upcoming iPhone like release info, accessories and software, head on over to our sister site My iPhone. In addition to getting you the latest info on upcoming products related to the iPhone, we also will give you a heads-up on people that are trying to pull a fast one on the iPhone community.

One such person is Miguel Sciaudone, otherwise known on Flickr as msciaudone. He has created a dating application that he informed Macworld UK was an "an application running on the iPhone in summer. It's currently in development and will soon be in Beta testing. It will not be a Widget."

So he's creating a dating app for the iPhone, what's the big deal? The problem lies in the fact that he isn't developing software for the iPhone; at this point, very few people are allowed to do so. He's creating a piece of software that runs in pretty much any web browser. He just plans on formatting it so it will look good on the iPhone. So he released a statement to a major media outlet that leads us to believe the program is something that it is not. Sounds fishy to me.

He has since come forth and admitted that the program will in fact be web-based. Too little too late in my book. I have trouble believing that he didn't word his statement to Macworld UK just so people would believe he was developing a full-fledged application for the iPhone. To top it off, he not only sent rude correspondences to us at My iPhone, he was equally rude to our friends over at Gizmodo. That's just not cool. If you want the full scoop, head on over to My iPhone and check it out.