Flir Vue Pro camera is ready for drone flight

Flir Systems has been making all sorts of thermal cameras and other products that are used in the professional world. The company has announced a new camera called the Vue Pro that is specifically designed to be attached to a drone aircraft and carried into the air. The company thinks the camera will be perfect for tasks like inspecting solar panels, fighting fires, and managing crops among other things.

Flir doesn't integrate the Vue Pro with any specific drone. Rather it has specifically designed the camera to fit into the mount commonly used with GoPro cameras on any drone capable of carrying a GoPro. With the GoPro being one of the most common small cameras, the Flir Vue Pro will be compatible with many drones running from cheap consumer units to high-end pro level drones.

The camera is able to show footage in real time and can record and measure data. Data that the camera can record includes hot spots for fire fighters and it can help farmers find dehydrated crops to avoid losing money on dead crops.

Perhaps the most likely place for the Vue Pro and its drone to be used is to inspect solar panels. Panels commonly go bad and humans have to go out and use a thermal sensor to inspect each panel currently. The drone with the thermal sensing Vue Pro could make that a much easier task. Flir will ship the Vue Pro in November for $1,999.