Flipboard Storyboards roll out with curated articles, tweets and audio

News aggregator Flipboard is rolling out its Storyboard feature to a variety of users, including publishers and bloggers, to help the public find content based on topics and categories. Storyboards are, as the name suggests, collections of content that are grouped around a single theme, such as Black Lives Matter or a particular scientific development.

Storyboards aren't new on Flipboard — they were introduced in early May as 'packages' of Internet content, including articles, videos, podcasts, tweets, and other Internet media. Flipboard only made Storyboards available to certain publishers and its own editorial team initially, but announced an expansion of this availability on Friday.

Flipboard's verified users, as well as publishers and bloggers, can now create Storyboards to highlight notable content related to whatever topic they're interested in, according to Flipboard. The Storyboards will appear in users' 'For You' feeds that are about topics you like or publishers you follow.

Storyboards can be shared with others using social media and email. Each Storyboard also has its own dedicated 'Follow' button that will ensure users who like the packaged content will be alerted when new items are added. Flipboard is also highlighting newly added Storyboards in its 'Today' tab.

Talking about the new feature is Flipboard CEO Mike McCue, who said:

Sharing stories that move us to understanding or action, informing and inspiring people every day, is central to Flipboard's mission. But sometimes, to get the full picture, it's helpful to have a series of stories that can show a trend, give deeper perspective or provide advice and insights. Storyboards are a powerful new type of curation that lets creators present the bigger picture, a round-up important coverage or even multiple sides to a story.