Flipboard now lets you share magazines privately

Flipboard, which launched as a gorgeous eReader project many years ago, is quietly morphing itself to suit a variety of needs. While you can still flip through channels as needed, magazine curation remains at the forefront of their offshoot offerings. With Flipboard's magazine creation tools, you can make your own 'fanzine' encompassing whatever topic(s) you like. Today, Flipboard is adding a tool the their magazine repertoire, and is allowing users to create "Private Group Magazines" for use with a closed circuit of readers and contributors.

Originally launched as a better option for reading than RSS, Flipboard's latest home run has been magazines. In building magazines, users get the option to sub-curate via Flipboard, and gain an audience of their own via sharing.

If you don't want an audience outside of a closed group, Flipboard will let you flip the switch. Literally. Via their privacy lock, you can create a magazine for a tighter audience, and encourage those in your group to share and edit the magazine. Once the magazine is created, simply invite friends using Flipboard's inline tool.

Flipboard imagines it useful for companies who want to share press coverage, teachers who want to curate content for their class, book clubs, or "someone who wants to share reunion photos and memories with the whole family".

Thef eature is currently available for all platforms Flipboard is available to, so if you're interested in private sharing, look for the privacy switch when you create a new magazine.

Source: Flipboard