Flipboard for iOS app gains animated GIF support

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 14, 2013
Flipboard for iOS app gains animated GIF support

Sometimes a well-selected GIF adds a little extra oomph to a story that disappears when using software that doesn’t support animated GIFs. Such has been the case for iOS users of Flipboard, the nifty personal magazine app that is available for both Android and iOS. This changes today, however, thanks to an update that has been released for users to nab.

To kick off the new feature iOS users have scored, Flipboard has put some of its “favorite” GIF Flipboard magazines in the By Our Readers section, which users can pull up by tapping on the red ribbon in the Content Guide. For those unfamiliar with them, some it pointed out specifically includes GIF Me a Break, GIF Pop, and Just GIF It.

In addition to the inclusion of animated GIFs to the latest iOS update, users will also see changes to the Top Stories in the U.S. News, Business, Sports, and Tech sections. Says Flipboard, the first seven articles included in each of these sections will be related to current leading news stories in the US, with stories after that covering additional content from earlier in the day and other days.

There’s increased ability to explore content from users with the addition of a pagebox on the fourth page. The avatar is now able to be tapped, which will take the tapper to the curator’s profile page that contains his or her various activities on the service. And finally, there’s a sharing functionality that will prompt users to share a magazine with friends once ten flips have occurred.

SOURCE: Flipboard

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