Flip Video offers Flip Video Action Tripod

Flip has been making its awesome little camcorders for a long time now including the Ultra HD, MinoHD, and the Slide HD. The Flip camcorders are cheap and that low price makes them some of the most popular camcorders on the market today. Flip has a new accessory for its camcorder line that has debuted.

The accessory is a tripod called the Flip Video Action Tripod and it is designed with lots of flexibility to be able to stand the Flip camcorders on a surface and more. The tripod is designed to allow it to attach to all sorts of things like a bike or helmet for instance.

Attaching the tripod to a helmet means that it will make for a nice little action camera. The tripod is cheap enough at $24.99 and it will work with all Flip camcorders. The neck of the tripod will allow the user to position the camera at any angle. The only downside I see is that the Flip camcorders aren't rugged and one good crash might spell the end of your camera.