Flickr Launches Android App, iOS Photo Sessions

Popular photo-sharing service Flickr has finally released its first official Android app, two years after it launched its iOS app. Android users who've had to resort to third-party alternatives will now get a slick new Flickr app that allows them to easily upload and share images taken with the in-app camera and enhanced with various filters. Along with the Android app, Flickr is also releasing a new Photo Sessions feature for its iPhone and iPad app.

The Android Flickr app features a built-in camera interface that has adjustable settings for auto-focus and flash. Photos taken can be enhanced by using any of the ten filters and effects available. The images can then be uploaded to a Flickr account, shared via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email. The app is free and available through the Android Market.

The Photo Sessions feature for Flickr's iPhone and iPad app, adds the ability to flip through a gallery of photos with a friend like you're sitting next to each other even if you're actually across the globe. For details on the new feature, you can watch the video below.

[via MobileBurn]