Fleye flying robot is the size of a soccer ball

Quadcopters are fun, especially given how many miniature-sized versions are now on the market. The problem is safety — though some designs have taken steps to protect people from the rotors, many drones still pose safety risks. Improper use or a simple accident can end catastrophically. That's where Fleye comes in — it is a drone in the broadest sense, but not like any drone you've seen before. Its' makers call it a 'personal flying robot.'

Fleye looks a bit like Weebo, the yellow flying robot in the movie Flubber; it features a round body that entirely conceals the rotors, meaning you can grab it like a ball and toss it away without posing any risk to your fingers or hands. According to Fleye's makers, the robot is about the same size and weight as a soccer ball.

Fleye features an onboard dual-core 512MB computer running Linux, swappable batteries, a 5MP 1080p FHD camera, and a total of seven sensors: an accelerometer, optical flow sensor, GPS, altimeter, magneto sonar, and gyroscope. Control is provided through a smartphone app, which includes a live video feed from the drone as it flies around. Autonomous missions can be enabled, including a panorama mode, hover, manual mode, and selfie.

The team behind Fleye is seeking $185,837 USD on Kickstarter, where they have so far raised about $134,000 USD with 34 days remaining. Those interested can get a Fleye early bird unit for 699 Euro, or about $742 USD. Shipping is estimated to start in September 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter