FlexibleLove - Seating For 1 To 16

The name FlexibleLove doesn't exactly bring to mind pictures of a unique bench that can expand and contract. Though according to My Virtual Zone the name is derived from 'flexible love-seat'. That makes more sense.

All naming aside, this thing is really cool. You have what looks like a (somewhat) normal chair. But lets say you've got some friends over, and you've just got the one chair. Just pull the ends out, and the chair stretches out to a bench that seats up to 16. Now that's a cool chair.

Priced at $799.95 it is a bit salty, but you won't find a couch that's going to sit that many for the same price. It is currently out of stock until March, so you've got plenty of time to find a good reason to invite 16 people over to sit on it.

FlexibleLove 16 Folding Chair [via myvirtualzone]