Fleksy keyboard for Android can now play videos because why not

JC Torres - Sep 18, 2019, 9:32am CDT
Fleksy keyboard for Android can now play videos because why not

Remember the days when third-party virtual keyboards for smartphones were the craze? No? How about the time before TV? Fleksy seemingly wants to take a stroll down memory lane to make the case for its latest Fleksyapp, a.k.a. mini addons that give that Android keyboard a bit more functionality. By partnering with VBoard, that “bit more” becomes searching for and even playing videos while you type out messages to your friends about, what else, those videos playing above your keyboard.

We’ve probably all been there. Either we remembered a video we wanted to share to our chatmate or got told about a video you just have to watch. In both cases, switching between apps feels like too much work that you put it off until the magic of the moment is long gone.

Fleksy’s newest mini app solves that problem and more. Simply tap the VBoard Fleskyapp and start browsing for videos. More than just searching, you can even play those videos right then and there. And when you want immediately share those videos in that same messaging app, it’s just one tap away. It’s the ultimate convenience for couch potatoes, mobile style.

Fleksy boasts that it has quite a number of video sources already onboard its VBoard collab. Those include serious news from MSNBC and CBS as well as the latest sports from ESPN. Craving for food? The Food Network is also available. The only one missing from Fleksy’s who’s who is YouTube.

Fleksy’s innovation seemingly took the Internet by storm, which is to say there is no shortage of ridicule going around. It is, after all, a hot new feature that no one seems to have really asked for. But at least for those who love watching while chatting and are wont to choose between the two, Fleksy has now made its keyboard more attractive.

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