Flashlight with all the bells and whistles

LumaRay is a company that has just launched the FL12-RX, a new LED flashlight. The design of the flashlight might not be considered slick, but it sure gets the job done. Modes are chosen by turning the head of the flashlight. The flashlight can run continuously for 6 months on Mode3, although the brightness reaches to only 9000 mcd. Mode1, at 400 hours, runs at a brightness of 820000 mcd.

There's more to it than a stream of light! The FL12-RX comes with a bunch of bells and whistles, including an animated strobe mode, where red and white lights flash continuously. There are up to 4 modes, which all take advantage of the eleven lights.

A 2 year warranty comes with the flashlight, and the flashlight itself comes in three colors (with some groovy names): White, Gunmetal, and Grey-Yellow Two tone. More info can be found at a LumaRay.

The Lumaray FL12-RX LED Flashlight Review [Via: Gear Diary]