Flash 10.1 may not kill Android battery life [Video]

Adobe Flash evangelist Mark Doherty has revealed some stats and a video that Flash 10.1 may not have such a huge power consumption effect on the Nexus One.

In the video, Doherty plays a 17-minute long natively embedded video in the full Youtube site (you may want to skip the first 17 minutes of the video, your choice).  He proceeds to open the Android battery usage utility, which points out that only 6 percent of the battery has been drained (although the screen does dim out in the video).  He also reveals that Adobe in-house tests has seen three hours of H.264 playback over an Wi-Fi connection, which is enough for a movie or two, even Avatar.

It's promising to see that the newest generation of Flash content can run without killing the battery life on the Nexus One.  Let's hope that the Flash update actually comes now.

[via Android Community]