Flare: an all-in-one home security system shaped like a UFO

You're away from home and though you've a housesitter to keep the planets from dying, the place sits empty night after night and you've no way to know whether ne'erdowells will stay away. There are various smart home security systems on the market that offer peace of mind, mostly through connected alerts and access to video feeds. They typically involve placing sensors around the house, however, something the maker behind Flare decided to avoid. With Flare, the entire home security setup is promised to be available in a single UFO-shaped device.

Flare is made by BuddyGuard, and it is said to be a fully independent security system for one's home. The reason mostly revolves around simplicity — by having everything all together in a single device, the system is easy to use — and it stays out of the way, meaning it is non-intrusive. Flare is installed by attaching it to a wall and downloading the related mobile app.

Flare is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which allows it to continue working even if the power goes down. There's also data encryption to keep details private, Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to handle pets without firing off a bunch of notifications, control through voice, face, and mobile devices, and some automatic functionality like shutting off when you get home.

There's a motion sensor, HD camera, microphone, siren, speaker, temperature sensor, and more for monitoring one's home conditions. AI is used for detecting faces and one's own pets. There's also audio analysis for monitoring for noises you might hear during a burglary (a door being kicked in, for example).

BuddyGuard is seeking funding on Kickstarter where it is hoping to raise the oddly specific amount of $89,271 USD. Of that, about half or so has been raised with 23 days remaining. The "Super Early Bird" units are already gone, but the regular ol' Early Bird versions are still available for a pledge of $211 USD. Those who back should see the device shipping in December if all goes as planned.

SOURCE: Kickstarter