Flappy Bird has been ported to...an ecig

The Flappy Bird hysteria has died down, the app is still absent from the app stores (excluding the bajillion knockoff apps), and yet the game hasn't disappeared from our hearts and porting efforts. The most recent port involves a particularly large e-cigarette with an equally large black-and-white display, as well as a trio of buttons...and the fixings needed to play a tiny, probably frustrating game of Flappy Bird.

This version of Flappy Bird is brought to you by YouTube user Bal√°zs Bank, who recently uploaded a video demonstration of the e-cig game. According to the video, it's running on an "eVic-VTC Mini," and yes, the game has been made available for download if you happen to own that model and want your own non-phone rendition of Flappy Bird.

The files can be downloaded here (Google Drive link). Once you have them, you'll need to unzip the folder, connect the e-cig, and open the UpdateFirmware file, which is also available to download from ecig maker Joytech's website. Select the FlappyBird.bin file as the update source and wait for it to finish.

Of course, if you're flashing the firmware, that means you probably can't use the device as an actual e-cig as long as Flappy Bird is present; you can reinstall the original firmware using the same instructions, only with the actual firmware update file. Find Flappy Bird ports fascinating? Here it is running on a Moto 360.

VIA: Kotaku