Flapple Bird: a Flappy Bird clone for the Apple IIc

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 16, 2014, 9:42 pm CDT
Flapple Bird: a Flappy Bird clone for the Apple IIc

Can’t get enough Flappy Bird in your life (or perhaps weep inside every time a clone appears)? If you’ve got an old Apple IIc sitting around going to waste, you can turn it into a dedicated gaming machine with Flapple Bird.

The game is available through Dagen Brock’s website. The version demo’d in the video below is the latest update, which adds in a Mono green screen mode for those who prefer that color scheme. The man behind this version of the game says he spent about 6 weeks creating it.

Flapple Bird works the same as its Flappy Bird sibling, though with a bit less graphics, as you might imagine. Gamers tap a key to make the bird jump, navigating through the same extended pipes.

You’ll need an Apple IIc that can display Double Lo Resolution (DLR) graphics, which the developer says “should be about any computer with an 80-column card.” It can be played on a 1MHz machine without issue. It has also been tested on the Apple IIe Platinum and the Apple IIgs.

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