Flapping Toasters - Kinect, Meet 1989

Clever hackers put together an interactive piece of art that is reminiscent of the old Flying Toasters screensaver. The artists call it a kitschy "absurdist reconstruction of the classic screensaver Flying Toasters." Become one with the winged toaster, flap your arms to flap the wings and tilt to flip your tiny silver box to roll away from danger. First off, this looks really fun. Secondly, they're already talking about turning it into a game. This is an early look into something that's going to be super fun.

I'm already seeing a game where you fly around releasing toast mines and have to flap and dodge yours and your friends'. And each toaster is a different color so you can get up to four players in on the craziness. It's a novel and ridiculous drinking game.

I'm already sold. I think I'm going to have to beg/borrow/steal/buy a Kinect to try this out tonight. I'll update this later with some more information. It's only available in source code on the GitHUB right now, so it needs to be compiled.