Fizzing apples are now a thing thanks to science

3D printed food. Space-aged whiskey. And now, apples that fizz in your mouth straight from the tree. Such is the marvelous world we live in, where scientists dedicate their brilliance to making things once dreamed of in books. Thanks to Lubera, a Swiss fruit company, you'll soon be able to get your hands on a new variety of apple called the "Paradis Sparkling", which feels like a carbonated juice beverage when eaten. The fruit took years to get perfect, says the makers, who are now selling saplings to interested gardeners.

Lubera recently discussed the apple on its UK blog, as well as in the video below, where you can get a look at the fruit trees. The new type of apple is said to be the result of breeding Pirouette and Resi apples, with it taking years before the final product was perfected. The meat is said to have "very big cells" which cause the fizzy sensations.

The fruit won't be officially introduced to the growing public until next year, but Lubera has prepped about 100 trees for sale now, which it is selling for $55 USD (£34). The company seems to be targeting home gardeners and small-time growers with its "novelty" apple, and it has been upfront about the fruit's downsides (if one can properly consider them negatives).

The Paradis Sparkling apples are ugly, says the company, though less so now than they were during the early stages. Harvest is said to require multiple rounds, and the fruit itself is irregular in shape, sometimes being medium-sized and other times being "huge". The color, as well, is sometimes dull and the striping is iregular. Of course, all of that pales in comparison to the upside: the apple fizzes when you bite it.

SOURCE: Gizmodo