Five aigo Android tablets launched: Tegra & 3G namechecked

aigo have been showing off their aigoPad tablets in China again, with their CEO promising five different models – various boasting 4-, 5- and 7-inch screen sizes – launching from July 2010.  Interestingly, Shanzhaiben's photos from the launch (note that "aigo" translates as "patriot" since that's the Chinese meaning) only seem to show two of the units – what looks to be the smallest and largest versions – and neither bears a huge resemblance to the renders we've seen before.

As for specifications, there's talk of the same NVIDIA Tegra chipset as we heard last time, together with 3G and WiFi connectivity.  Only one gets named in the report, the aigoPad N701, which will apparently run Android 2.0 at launch but be upgraded eventually to Android 2.2 Froyo.

There'll also be some form of on-device app download service, though it's unclear at this stage whether that's the Android Market we know from smartphones or a distribution method of aigo's own creation.  No word on pricing, either, though we've previously seen the 5-inch aigo E500 go up for sale in China at the equivalent of around $235.

[via Shanzai]